Our Solutions | Your Clients

Atlantic Payroll Partners works with brokers to help you offer your clients custom PEO solutions, and an award-winning experience.

Brokers Benefit from Atlantic Payroll Partners.

It’s Broker 101 … You close the deals. We’ll do the work and retain the clients. This partnership benefits US.


The Atlantic Plan

And Your Clients Benefit From Restoring Balance to Their Business

Focus on their core business

Improve compliance with IRS and DOR

Reduce costs from HR related distractions

Improve Employee Experience with better benefit offerings

Better anticipate their operating expenses

Increased profitability from greater efficiency

Mitigated risk by having multiple related providers watching over them

Complementing what you do, never competing.

You can offer any of our services to your clients, without offering the others.

Create a Win-Win-Win

When partnerships are done right, you, your client, and our team all win.