Onboarding with Atlantic Payroll Partners


Our free electronic onboarding platform allows you to easily bring on new hires!  Your employees can complete, the Atlantic Payroll Partners application, the direct deposit form, the Form W-4, and even the Form I-9. The onboarding can be completed in English or Spanish.

Due to changes in the law in the State of Florida as of July 1st, 2023; business with 25 or more employees are required to E-Verify. Our onboarding solution pairs great with E-Verification allowing you to easily collect all the necessary documents that you need.

Do you have paperwork that you require your new hires to review, sign, read etc? If so we can easily add it the onboarding procedures!


Why you should switch to electronic onboarding!


Streamlines the entire hiring process, reducing the time and effort required for paperwork, data entry, and manual processing.

Cost - effectiveness

By eliminating the need for paper forms, printing, and physical storage, electronic onboarding reduces administrative costs associated with traditional onboarding methods.

Improved Accuracy

Digital forms and automated workflows minimize errors caused by manual data entry, ensuring that employee information is accurate and up-to-date.

Enhanced compliance

Electronic onboarding systems often include built-in compliance checks and electronic signatures, helping employers adhere to legal and regulatory requirements more easily.

Remote Accessibility

With electronic onboarding, new hires can complete required documents and training materials remotely, making the process more convenient and accessible for employees working from different locations.

Faster Onboarding

Digital onboarding allows HR teams to onboard new hires more quickly, reducing the time between offer acceptance and the start of employment, which can improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Seamless integration

Our onboarding is integrated with our payroll system creating a more seamless and efficient onboarding experience.


Electronic onboarding systems can be customized to reflect the employer’s needs. This allows you to add your own paperwork and significant forms to the onboarding process.

Real-time tracking

HR professionals can track the progress of new hires as they complete onboarding tasks, providing greater visibility and accountability throughout the process.

No Paper

By reducing paper consumption and minimizing the need for physical storage space, electronic onboarding supports environmental sustainability initiatives and reduces the organization’s carbon footprint.

It’s free!

The number one reason you should make the switch to electronic onboarding is because it’s free. We want you to use it for all the reasons above, and simply because it makes our lives so much easier.

Onboarding Resources

Resend Forms

Do you need to resend forms? Then you need to generate a task link.

Retrieve Docs

Accidently delete a link or forget to download a form? Watch this.

Employee Walk Through

I'm curious, what will my employee see?

Track Progress

Want to see how close your employee is to completing their paperwork? Take a look at this video to find out how.

Employer Getting Started

Need to hire someone, it's easy. Just fill out the form. Watch the how-to...

Onboarding 101

Dating back to ancient civilizations, the concept of integrating newcomers into established groups can be traced to apprenticeships in medieval guilds and the hierarchical structures of early military organizations. However, formal onboarding as we know it today began to take shape during the Industrial Revolution, as large-scale factories and businesses sought efficient ways to assimilate new employees.

The digital age brought significant changes to onboarding practices, with the introduction of online training modules, electronic documentation, and virtual orientation sessions.

Moreover, the emphasis shifted towards creating a positive employee experience, recognizing the importance of engagement and retention in a competitive job market.

In recent years, onboarding has embraced technology even further, with the integration of AI-driven platforms, remote onboarding solutions, and personalized experiences tailored to individual employee needs.

As organizations strive to attract and retain top talent, effective onboarding remains a cornerstone of successful talent management strategies, ensuring that new hires are equipped to thrive and contribute to the long-term success of the organization.


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