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    • It’s difficult to attract high quality candidates to work for you -or- you’ve recently lost a key employee to a competitor.
    • Your business isn’t as scalable, profitable, or stable as you think it should be and you haven’t been able to correct it on your own.
    • You want to lower your taxes, reduce workers comp fees, and eliminate any employer risks that could jeopardize your business.
    • You’re not 100% confident in your internal HR management skills, and you’d like an outside perspective on your business’ health.

    What we'll cover

    We’ll show you how to get free of employer burdens that rob your time and kill your growth.

    Reveal Hidden Opportunities for Growth

    We’ll Show You How to Become Magnetic to Top Talent in a Competitive Labor Market While Making Your Business More Stable, Profitable, and Scalable

    Make Sense of Your Employer Obligations

    Quickly Understand Your Taxes,  Workers Comp Fees, and Payroll Responsibilities and Learn how to Reduce or Delegate Them and Free up Cash and Time.

    Choose What You Should Outsource

    Learn How to Choose Between Managing Payroll DIY, Outsourcing Payroll Only, or Electing to Fully Outsource Your HR Responsibilities

    Meet your host

    Starting as an accountant, John saw the stark differences in those organizations that properly utilized HR companies from those that didn’t. Convinced that he could make a difference, he co-founded and grew his startup into a $70m operation annually.

    John Dial

    President & CEO

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