You have big dreams and tight margins.

Optimize your restaurant to achieve time and financial freedom while caring for your staff and family.

The Problem

Does the restaurant run you?

Most restaurant owners feel tired, lost, and isolated without enough time to achieve work-life balance. The restaurant runs them, instead of the other way around.

In the restaurant business, consistency is everything.

How can you create a consistent customer experience and have predictable costs when your employee retention is low, and food costs are variable? Going with the cheapest HR administrators, hiring endless staff, or bootstrapping your business education only leads to burnout, bankruptcy, and bad reviews.

“We doubled our revenue and decreased our food and labor costs by 20%.”

We incorporated our 20 years of HR experience from helping other companies around the Southeast into our restaurants business, developing a unique payroll program that doubled our revenue and decreased our food and labor costs by 20% within a year.

It’s time to stop working countless double shifts to balance the business, bleeding money, fighting theft, and watching food and labors costs run out of control.

Atlantic is your competitive advantage

Increase your employee quality and retention and watch profitability and consistency climb.

Convenient HR, Payroll, and Accounting that enables you to save time and accurately budget your business expenses all for one flat rate.

Easy Online Payroll + Paycards

Competitive Workers Comp Pricing

Workers Comp Claim Management

Unemployment Claim Management

401k Services and other Benefits

Restaurant Accounting & Sales Tax

Food and Job Safety Training & Certification

Here’s our menu

Like yours, our menu of services come at a great value and produce memorable experiences.