What’s a PEO?

what's a peo
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What’ s the deal with PEOs? Better yet, what is a PEO? Short story, a PEO is a great way to help your business save time and money. Sounds, cliché and a lot of people claim to save you time and money but it’s true. Okay, still sounds cliché… check out then long-ish story below…

Even though Professional Employment Organizations have been around since the  70’s, most business owners don’t know about PEOs. Business owners are aware of payroll, accounting, workers’ compensation, human resources, and benefits; but did you realize you can get all those business solutions from one place? That a PEO in a nutshell, your one stop solution to all your business needs.

That’s only one of the ways that a PEO stands apart from other business service providers that you may use. It gets BETTER, not only can we meet all your business needs in one place, we become partners, through what is called co-employment.

Through co-employment, Atlantic Payroll Partners or another PEO would handle the day to day administrative task that are involved with the business solutions that were mentioned above. You, Mr. or Mrs. Business Owner would continue to run the day to day business functions that happen at your location. That’s the extent of our partnership, we don’t share funds or make business decisions for you.

More about this partnership…

If something happens, let’s say someone gets injured while on the job you, would give us a call and we would handle the Workers’ Compensation side of things. You would continue running your business as usual. We would be saving you valuable time.

What if, I don’t know let’s say there’s a  pandemic and all the rules for running your business are changing? When it comes to the Payroll or HR side of things, Atlantic Payroll Partners would help you navigate those changes.

For example, you need help applying for the PPP loan, we would quickly produce the reports that are being requested by your bank.

Another example, someone gets sick with COVID-19, we would let you know how that would impact payroll since the FFCRA is in place. You as a business owner wouldn’t have to worry about all the small, every changing, time consuming details, we would do that for you.

Flash forward and now it’s tax season… yeah tax season and guess what!? You don’t have to worry about W-2’s for your employees. We would handle that for you, one more time, we would HANDLE THAT FOR YOU,  your payroll would be filed under our tax ID number. If you need to show expenses to an account (because you can still use your own account and work with a PEO) let us know and we’ll supply you with the reports that are needed.

Last thing for now, because there’s a lot but we think this one is worth sharing. The job market is competitive and it’s about to become even more competitive after July 31st, 2020 with everyone fighting for the same jobs at the same time. We can help you offer your employees benefits and benefits are a great differentiator. Not only will you attract better talent, you’ll retain them longer. Businesses that work with PEOs like Atlantic Payroll Partners experience 10 to 14% lower employee turnover*.

Putting it all together…

Atlantic Payroll Partners can save you time by easily cutting 2-3 hours of administrative work from your day to day. We can save you money, using a PEO saves the average business $450 in administrative cost per employee.* Finally, we can help you make money; using a PEO can help your business grow 7 to 9% faster than those who don’t.*

Want to learn more or just have questions? Send us a message or give us a call at 772-466-0440. While you’re at it follow us on Facebook for the latest and tell your friends about us.


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At Atlantic Payroll Partners we believe we are the best, local payroll provider to help you grow your business. Even more than that. We’re a Professional Employment Organization that offers an incredible suite of solutions for your business. In addition to offering payroll services we offer, full-service HR, workers’ compensation, accounting, and health care benefits. Our solution suite is back by over 100 years of combined experience in the PEO space.

We’re proud to say that we’ve helped businesses reduce employee turnover, increase revenue, make more money, and lighten their daily load by working with us. Our clients can offer their employees’ health care benefits, and access to the same 401k plans that the Fortune 500 companies use without breaking the bank.

We welcome you to continue exploring our website, to learn more about Atlantic Payroll Partners and how we can help improve your business. 

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