Optimize Your Restaurant: Reduce Employee Turnover, Retain Skilled Staff and Reduce Your Food and Labor Costs

“We doubled our revenue and decreased our food and labor costs by 20%”

Learn to apply the same tactics Jared Dial, Restaurant Owner and HR Advisor, used to increase his revenue and profitability, while reducing his food and labor costs.


In this 28-minute webinar by Atlantic Payroll Partners, Restaurant Owners and Operators will learn how to overcome the challenges around employee turnover and staff retention, the steps you can take to reduce your labor costs, how to optimize your food costs and overhead, and more.

  • Lower labor costs by using schedule templates, trends, and forecasting
  • Use incentives and benefits to attract and retain key employees and reduce turnover
  • Protect customer service levels through flexible employee scheduling
  • Streamline menu options and specials
  • Keep your products consistent and maintain store cleanliness

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