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If you’ve been looking for a company to handle your payroll chances are you’ve run across the PEO Industry. If it’s your first time entertaining the idea of working with a PEO you may be concerned about the cost, compared to other options. You’re likely familiar with the concept of an ASO. An ASO typically provides many of the services you can receive from a PEO minus workers’ compensation and the benefit of reducing your liability. We compare an PEO vs an ASO here.

Back to the cost, PEOs typically charge a percentage based on the amount of payroll that you intend on running. Our eBook The Cost of Working with a PEO,  will walk you through a real quote and go over basic terminology you should know so that you can make an informed decision. Once you done reading The Cost of a Working with a PEO, you should understand how to evaluate a quote you may receive for us or a competitor. 

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At Atlantic Payroll Partners, we have over 10 years experience, providing local businesses with quality solutions. We’re more than just a payroll company, we’re a PEO that provides HR Consulting, Workers’ Compensation, Employee Benefits, Accounting, and a variety of business and personal insurances.

Spotlight on Workers’ Compensation?

Did you know that not all Workers’ Compensation Insurance is the same?

That’s right, you can save money on workers’ comp by partnering with a PEO, like ours. You can save thousands, by not paying a workers’ comp audit.

How? By benefiting from pay-as-you-go workers compensation. Utilizing daily, accurate payroll data cuts out the costly mistakes that happen when you estimate your needs.

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