What is employee leasing?

“Employee leasing”,  you don’t hear too many people call it employee leasing any more. That’s because people started confusing employee leasing with staffing companies that provide temp employees; they’re not the same but I’m sure you can understand how the two get confused.

So, what is employee leasing? It’s  the old school way of describing, what is now a PEO. A PEO is a Professional Employment Organization. PEOs provide human resources, workers’ compensation, benefit, payroll, and other business solutions.

At Atlantic Payroll Partners we like to tell people that we solve problems in human resources, workers’ compensation, employee benefits and payroll. Our solutions will help your business remain compliant, increase safety, retain employees, and provide accurate payroll.

Allowing us to handle the tasks that don’t add to your bottom line, will ultimately add to your bottom line.


Whether you call it…


Employee Leasing

Human Resource Outsourcing


Payroll Outsourcing




It’s a better way to run your business and actually get work done. You’re able to cut down the number of vendor and support businesses that YOU need to work with; you can streamline your business and lower your cost with the economies of scales that we offer.

We take the burden and risk associated with human resources, workers’ compensation, employee benefits, and payroll from your business and shift it to our business. That’s how you save.

We’re physically based in Florida, but we’re more than a Florida payroll company. We’re here to serve everyone we can, regardless of location. If you’re looking for an “employee leasing company in Vero Beach”, “a payroll company in Florida” or “workers’ comp near me”, you’re likely to find us and get the solutions that you need.

Want to learn about PEOs from someone else? Visit NAPEO, the National Association for Professional Employment Organizations.