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Best Payroll

Atlantic Payroll Partners wins 2023 Best HR/Payroll Service Company.

A lot of companies will call themselves ‘’the best’’ as of form of advertising. It’s called puffery, it’s legal, and somewhat annoying. Here’s the thing, Atlantic Payroll Partners is the best. Not because we say so or as a form of advertising, but because we were voted the best payroll company.

Every year local businesses on the Treasure Coast compete in the Best of the Best Awards, now called the Community Choice Awards. Local restaurants, plumbers, retail stores, electricians, and even payroll companies are just some of the businesses on the ballot. In April businesses compete to get nominated. Then in June the top nominees participate in the final round of voting. This year a few hundred businesses participated this year and nearly 70,000 votes were cast.

Atlantic Payroll Partners, a PEO competes in the recently created payroll category. The nominees for payroll shouldn’t be too surprising; you know the big companies that have offices in every state, and call centers to serve you. They have nationally recognizable logos, and at some point, most people have received a paycheck, from the three-character payroll company with the red typeface.

Who is Atlantic Payroll Partners

Then you have Atlantic Payroll Partners. A local payroll company with people you can and will see around town. We’re a part of the community, and not in some let’s make a cheesy commercial about being a part of the community type of way. We live here, our children go to area schools, and we shop at the same stores as you. We sponsor local businesses, baseball teams, and our clients’ finishing tournaments. We’re apart of the Fort Pierce and Winter Haven Florida communities.

Thanks for voting us Best Payroll Company

Going beyond being a part of the community, we’re invested in the success of other local businesses. Their success directly impacts our business and this community. It’s this community, our community that we need to thank for naming us best payroll company two years in a row. Thanks for taking the time to recognize our hard work; for spreading the word and engaging with us on social media. Thanks for voting for us and thanks for choosing Atlantic Payroll Partners.


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At Atlantic Payroll Partners, we have over 10 years experience, providing local businesses with quality solutions. We’re more than just a payroll company, we’re a PEO that provides HR Consulting, Workers’ Compensation, Employee Benefits, Accounting, and a variety of business and personal insurances.

Spotlight on Workers’ Compensation?

Did you know that not all Workers’ Compensation Insurance is the same?

That’s right, you can save money on workers’ comp by partnering with a PEO, like ours. You can save thousands, by not paying a workers’ comp audit.

How? By benefiting from pay-as-you-go workers compensation. Utilizing daily, accurate payroll data cuts out the costly mistakes that happen when you estimate your needs.

Interested in saving, start a quote here or call us at 772-466-0440. We’d love to hear from you.